How I Prepared Myself For
The End Of The World

Hi, my name is Brandon.

I’m just an average guy, working at on okay job.

However, I LOVE The Walking Dead TV series. But the thought of the world coming to an end scares me to death.

This is me…


I was never interested in post-apocalyptic movies – until I saw the very first episode of The Walking Dead.

And after watching the first hour of this new TV series, I was hooked instantly.

However 1-2 seasons later, and many more late nights of watching this horror show, it then HIT ME.

The end of the world can happen. There are tens of thousands of diseases that can be created at anytime. And this should scare people.

But does it? No. Why? Because most people are too closed-minded, thinking this type of nonsense will never happen. The scary truth is, it will happen, and sooner than we think.

I was talking with my best friend Scotty after finishing season 6 of this unpredictable horror show. We got talking, what would happen if civilization DID crash and burn. We read online that civilization goes down within 24 hours. That is super quick!

The more we thought about it the more we got freaked out, so we decided to do something.


We created a plan – And asked ourselves these questions:

What’s the first step?

What’s the second step?

And what’s the third step?


We came up with these answers:


Step 1. You and your loved ones (friends and family) need to agree on a designated meeting point, and this is where you will all meet when civilization goes down. The best locations are forests and low-populated areas.

Step 2. Make sure everyone you gave the meeting point to, gets there safely. ALWAYS follow the plan. When people don’t follow plans, that’s when things start going downhill.

Step 3. Pitch your tents, store your food, eqipment, and water safely.

How to prepare: You will have to get your emergency survival kit ready and stored away safely until that day comes. You will have to tell your loved ones to prepare their tents and food/water storage as well.

But that’s not all what me and Scotty did. We went the extra mile. We didn’t want to be seen from far away by murderers or scavengers, so we semi-camouflaged our shelter and made it big enough for more people to sleep in and more gear to store.


Of course, you don’t HAVE to do this. However with a world of unpredictable and dangerous humans, it’s not worth it to take chances anymore.


So what else did we do? Well we wanted to be prepared for ANYTHING. We equipped ourselves with knifes, bats and machetes. We made our own bracers to protect us from potential zombie bites.


But none of this is effective without zombie-ready transport. So we bought a cheap ride and made it survival-ready.


JUST KIDDING. We can’t afford anything like this, however this would be PERFECT to have. But no, sadly. This was more in our price range:


What I’m trying to tell you. You can NEVER be too prepared.

But what Scotty and I do know is that we don’t want to be the first 90% of the population to die of starvation, zombie attack or dehydration. We would probably die from other humans before we die from any of these.

Which is why it’s important to get out of high-populated areas. That’s where most of the carnage/killing happens.

If you want go ANOTHER mile to protect you and your loved ones, you can build or get built an underground survival bunker. These do have pros and cons, for example:



-Safe from zombies/humans.

-A lot warmer underground.

-Less stress on yourself, not having to worry about getting caught.



-A lot more costly than just pitching a tent.

-If you get caught, there’s no where to go. Unless you have an escape route, which I HIGHLY recommend.


The pros out weight the cons – which is why this is my preferred means of effective survival.


If you have enough money to go this route then it’s highly recommended. If you don’t, you can build your own underground survival bunker. Just do your research if you decide to do it yourself.

DON’T get shipping containers. These aren’t made for underground use. So a shipping container will just cave in the sides. Tents and camouflaged shelters will do the trick outside.


What’s the next step after hitting the location, setting up our gear/equipment and storage?

Well it’s simple really. We wait. Wait 3 days minimum. THEN, 2 people will have to head to the nearest town and see what is going on.

2 people is more than enough, if you take more than that, you risk more people dying.

If it’s under control, and there’s a 99% chance of it NOT been controlled, then it is the end of the world. And luckily we will be the 10% of the population who prepared ourselves for the end-days.


This is just the beginning. Yes, we have prepared ourselves and set up our shelter, storage and equipment. But that is only the beginning and essentially the easiest time to be alive.

It is time to discuss who will be the leader and who is going to scavenge for supplies, you will also need people on the lookout (guards), making sure scavengers and murderers don't come looking for food and items to take.

Every person you have is important and valuable. Everyone will need to be assigned a job which will have to be carried out every day if you ALL want to survive the end of the world.

Of course I can’t just write down everything here, Scotty and I have wrote down everything that needs to be done and compiled it all into an e-Book.


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It might seem like the plot of a movie. It might feel like it’ll never actually happen. But believe me: it’s going to happen, probably much sooner than you think.

It’s not enough to have some hunting or fishing experience, or to own a gun, or to have a friend that can dress a wound. You’re not going camping. This is a matter of life and death. What you know – or what you don’t know – will determine your odds of surviving.

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